February 20, 2015

HYBRID was our first group show featuring local artists and it was a real privilege to share the work of so many talented artists in the space.
First-timer Amanda Palmer sold everything she put up and then some, which was a dream start to her artmaking career. We had many works generously made available through Art Gusto, a local supported art studio. A couple of provocative pieces by Joshua Maxwell de Hoog had everyone talking and Josh McCrimmon's rich, burnished surfaces and subtle, natural picture boxes were a real standout. We ran the opening in combination with Music at the Mill, which had a great turnout with over 2000 people on the paper mills site. HYBRID was a fun show and getting to meet so many new faces was a definite high point.


Gathered around the big table

Anita Schep and 'Summer Bloom'

Two works by Joshua Maxwell De Hoog

Mandalas by Amanda Palmer

Catalogue front

All set for the opening

Liam O'Neil's work in the Francio Cozzo Corner

Christian Den Besten

A little late night music