UBU Gallery is located at the historic Barwon Paper Mills complex in Fyansford, on the outskirts of Geelong. The gallery is part of a heritage-listed site that dates back to the 1870's. This once-mighty industrial complex is undergoing a transformation from its origins as a thriving paper mill, a munitions factory for the military and an ice-making plant to a space for the arts, a variety of small businesses, artists, foodies and musicians.


The many bluestone buildings surrounding the gallery have fascinating stories to tell and with Buckley Falls nearby, there are some delightful places to enjoy within this unique setting. With easy access from the Geelong ring road on the way to the Surf Coast, you can linger in this historic precinct and watch time pass by.


As a supporter of the local arts community, we aim to discover and promote local talent and add to the vast pool of creative thinking that is driving Geelong's world-class status as a tourism destination.

UBU Gallery features contemporary artists that are flying under the radar or are yet to make their name. We hope to be able to say proudly, "You saw it here first".


To find out more about the Barwon Paper Mills, go to facebook.com/papermillsfyansford